After two solid months of filming, editing, and talking to artists to acquire tracks, the first episode in the series is finally here!

Oskar Catoggio is an 18 year old downhiller, occasional dirt jump rider, and a general, all-round nice guy, based in one of Melbourne's inner-northern suburbs (which we shall not name, as this will be all over the internet, and that's a bit of a privacy breach, is it not?). Being the first person to say yes to being filmed as part of the series, we had to make this a big one, so Angus hitched a ride with Oskar up to a secret mountain trail in central-eastern victoria, where they got a decent amount of footage, plenty of exercise, and a lot of good ideas.
So, sit back and enjoy, while we go out and film some english guy shred a bmx. Whoops, who said that?!

We contacted quite a few bands about using tracks for the episode. We decided to use the ones listed below.

"13" by Cloudkicker

"Kung Fo" by Kespran
We're not even sure if this track is available to listen to as yet, so you just scored yourself a rad little preview!

"Intro" by Basement

"Yoke" by Basement

Although both Basement and Cloudkicker weren't too fussed on being advertised, it would be rad if you could at least listen to a track or two as a thank you to the guys in both bands.
And, yet again, a massive thanks to Michael Blyth/Kespran for the use of his music, and the on-going support!

TECH: Nikon D7000
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Filmed and edited by Angus Hackett, with creative input by Loki Fraser, Mori Tosaki, Michael Blyth and others. You know who you are!

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