The DDG 1220 aka the "BEAST" has earned its reputation as a versatile ALL-IN-ONE powerful Grinder, Polisher, Burnisher and Zero-Tolerance Edger.

The DDG 1220 is a variable speed single head grinder with flex head technology powered by a Dual Phase (Single or 3-Phase) or a dedicated 3-Phase, 230V ~ 480V, 7.5 HP 3-Phase motor. The sheer force and power that the "BEAST" can produce is remarkable. The grinder is equipped with a single 12" plate, which is adjustable by design to move left or right in order to get right up against the edge of the wall for ZERO-TOLERANCE EDGING.
The DDG 1220 is engineered with a Grinding Head Leveling System that allows the operator to adjust the height of the grinding head in order to account for varying tooling heights. In addition, the head of the grinder can be adjusted 20 degrees left or right of center to allow the operator to walk in a straight line while following the edge of the wall. The grinder is equipped with a floating shroud for efficient dust pickup.
The real genius behind the "BEAST" is that the grinder can be fitted with several options such as an additional weight for additional grinding head-pressure. The grinder head can be retrofitted in minutes with a 20" metal or resin bond diamond plate and a very low profile shroud, known as a Toe Kick Shroud, in order to grind under the cabinet toe kick or low racking. In addition, the grinder can be retrofitted to be used as a 20" or 27" high speed Burnisher.

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