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I just wanted to share the results of the new Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 5 straight out of the box. These results represent the first hour of use. There's very little learning curve involved and I think my wife and I got the hang of it half way through this video (1:00).

Typically iPhone footage is warping and shaking simply due to holding an iPhone with your fingers. With this device, we were able to not only get great, very natural looking static shots but walking without shake was nearly solved.

The setup took all but 3-4 minutes. You simply use the left/right/up/down knobs until the phone is level and stays that way. The big weight on the arc part of the Smoothee's frame can be adjusted up and down. We found that having it higher relieved some of the sway that's inherent with stabilizer devices.

There is no additional stabilization in this video. I did however grade the footage with brightness, contrast, saturation and curves, then added some film dust/scratches. I think it made it more fun to watch. Iphone video color is so baked and contrasty to begin with.

Steadicam Smoothee Review...

-The Steadicam is well built and doesn't appear like it could be broken when stuffed in a bag or dropped
-Even if you accidentally lost calibration, recalibrating is so fast it doesn't matter
-The Steadicam comes with specific brackets for specific devices (gopro, iphone, other small devices). I only have the iphone 5 mount, but it would work really well with a gopro hero 3.
-The iphone 5 mount is also threaded for a tripod, so you can take the iphone off the Steadicam and secure it to other things. Rad.
-The iPhone is now officially part of my video production kit. I can put this thing to use as a B/C cam for my little travel films/documentaries.

-Nothing bad about the Smoothee. Get one.
-iPhone 5 suffers from sun streaks/flaring and pretty much everything elsen that the bright light can do to mess up your image. That being said, I think the flaring on this video acted in my favour.
-I don't know how to make the iPhone 5 shoot at 24FPS (23.9 something something). Is there an app for that?
-I don't know how to turn off image stabilization on the iphone. It seems to cause unwanted blurring.

Filmed at 30FPS-ish with iPhone 5
Editing in premiere cs6 and exported at 24FPS-ish
frame blending is off*

*Updated April 2, 2013: Frame blending was turned on for several scenes where it appears blurry.

Music licensed from

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