One Late Night - The Attack of "The Munchies" (To Be Continued)

Everyone knows how "the munchies" evolves very quickly. You are sitting there and next thing you know, you are ready to devour everything and anything in site. That is sort of how this video came about.. I was editing some video and the attack started.. Went to the local gas station "Sheetz" and spent about 20 bucks on munchies. Which gave me the idea to throw together this stupid video haha.. Hope you enjoy and watch out for the attack of the munchies.

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Munchies Consumed While Filming This Video:

(2) Red Bull
(1) Ice Tea
(2) Chocolate Chip Pop tarts
(1) Bag Fun ions
(1) Extra Large Bag Of Sun Flower Seeds
(2) Reese's Stix
(1) Chex Mix

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