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Artist: Christian Eriksson (Born on June 30, 1858 in Taserud, Arvika - Sweden, died November 6, 1935 in Stockholm - Sweden) Sculptures.

Christian Eriksson




Göteborgs konstmuseum (Gothenburg Art Museum).

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“Näckrosen” depicts a young woman who is stretched out on a large lily leaf in the water, surrounded by additional water lilies.

The water can be dirty old heads, symbolizing water beings such as Water Sprite.

Original Näckrosen is a sculpture of a reclining female figure made of plaster of Per Hasselberg 1892nd

Carved in marble in 1896 by Christian Eriksson after the artist's death in Gothenburg Art Museum.

The model for the sculpture was Signe Larsson (born 16 February 1877, died 1930).

Christian Eriksson was born June 30, 1858 in Taserud, Arvika rural parish.

Was a Swedish sculptor.

Christian Eriksson was the brother of furniture maker Elis Eriksson, father of sculptor Liss Eriksson and uncle of the artist Elis Eriksson.

He was married to Jeanne Tramcourt 1894-1911.

Christian Eriksson was in the middle of the 1870s apprenticed to a carpenter ornamentation in Stockholm and studied simultaneously at the Technical School.

1877-83 he worked as a furniture designer and sculptor for a furniture factory in Hamburg and then traveled to Paris, where he was a student at the École des Arts Décoratifs and the Ecole des Beaux and worked in Falguières studio.

To support himself, he helped other artists with modeling and marble cutting.

In 1888 he exhibited the statue Martyr at the Paris Salon and received a medal and a scholarship for his debut work.

The real breakthrough, however, came the following year with a bronze vase Fascination, currently on the National Museum and in 1890 the vase Blind Bock, today at the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

1891 came the big gips reliefen Linnaeus, who in 1894 performed in Marble for the National Museum and were set there.

Christian Eriksson's work is characterized by freshness, originality, and often with a touch of humor. He also made meritorious handicraft items.

Christian Eriksson died November 6, 1935 in Stockholm.

Has his resting place at St Michael's Church in Arvika.

Source: Wikipedia sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Eriksson

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