Glitz, Glam and GlossGlossGloss

Music: “Rubies and Rocks” by Thao and Mirah
Starring: Carla Maria Negrete Martinez and Lorraine Lau
Choreography: Alyza DelPan-Monley
Film and Editing: Jason Merges
Makeup: Christina Carter

This piece originated by looking at and replicating the spreads in Elle magazine’s
September Issue 2012. After stringing these poses together into movement, and adding
a sprinkle of jazziness and groove, the dance developed to become a sleek and sassy
take on owning your looks and rockin' them!

This video is part of a series being filmed under the group name The DeadPan
Monkeys and was made possible with help from my backers. A special thanks goes out
to Karl III, Suzette, Thomas à Perth, Pop, Christina Li-Hui Aguirre, Ben, Katie Jennings,
Phoebe Pickering, Bryan Merges, Colleen MackyMackDermott, Samantha Yu, Jevin,
Ray Kameda, Gabrielle Hernandez, Anonymous – in honor of dancers everywhere,
Sam Kindler, Mr. J-Wizzle, MaryAnn McGovern, Caine, KMac, Hannah Lyman, Carrie
Friedman, Jonathan Doogie Howser, M.D., Samara Seligsohn, Lindsay V. , Alex Wallach
Hanson, Lieba Schneiderman, Steve Eisner :) , Cindy(bande) Ko, Evan Weixel, Kate
Merges, Mr. Tsigh Cholesterol, Wendy White, Stefanie Frank, Molly “Roomie-for-Life”
Clark and all those unmentioned that have helped and supported these projects.

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