A film by Wolfgang Lehmann
Aspect: 4:3
Sound: silence
Duration: 60 Minutes
16mm/Digi Beta
Sweden / Germany 2007 - 12
World premiere: 18. February 2012 International Film Festival Berlin (Berlinale) Forum Expanded

“Weaving together short, colorful bursts of zoological and educational footage of insects, birds, and amphibians, Wolfgang Lehmann's feature-length film DRAGONFLIES WITH BIRDS AND SNAKE details the life cycle of a dragonfly and that species' relationship with its ecosystem. (…) No individual segment is long enough to fully interrupt our perception of apparent motion however, so we in effect watch three sequences at once, with Lehmann massaging in new footage to replace older sequences. The film borders on overwhelming, but Lehmann holds interest through a rigorous yet clever editing principle that allows for the subtleties of shifting tempos and images to constantly surprise the viewer. A menagerie of semiotic editing techniques employed during this exercise allows the marshy world of the dragonfly to unfold before us: dragonfly larvae hatch, whilst mere frames later, a bird slowly devours an adult specimen. We see bird and prey gradually merge forms, holding a constant value of image as all other areas of the frame flicker between positive and negative image, blue sky or green grass. DM in CINE-FILE.info
Chicago Guide to Independent and Underground Cinema, June 2012.

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