In a generation "trapped into the pixels" influenced by the monitor you feel the need to get in touch with our essence.
Dreams memories and the real experiences of people today are strongly influenced and linked to information provided by the monitor a life that becomes a painting with a chaotic mix of our reality combined with the abstract essence of the pixel that risks to remain white.
R.G.B are colors contained in each pixel (element that make the monitors)
This video was shot with a Canon Rebel T3i in three different environments. The locations are: Sardinia and Valle Senagra for the first part, and New York (thanks a lot) for the last part.
Sound is a very important part of this video, completely self produced by the use of real sound samples rielaborated using the effects and vst. The audio editing has been realized simultaneously with the video editing to create a rhythm more natural and disconnected from the traditional video clip canons.
The software that have been used are: Final Cut X and Photoshop CS6 for video editing, and Logic Pro 9, iZotope Iris, Camel Audio Alchemy, Native Instruments Massive 5.0 for audio editing.
Thanks for sampled sounds goes to

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