A timelapse of Sugarloaf Rock (Dunsborough WA) taken on Easter Sunday. Comprised of 1200+ shots over an hour or so at sunset.

Shot using a Syrp Genie, it was too windy to have it on my rotating set up...as I get a lot of shake in the camera, so I plugged it in and set it up on the ground. There are a couple of hops when I changed the setting of the camera to adjust for the light.

Check out the little perrywinkles moving on the rocks :)

We are working on a linear track, but this had to do.

Used LRTimelapse software - work every cent!!! lrtimelapse.com Thanks Gunther Wegner for designing a beautiful piece of software. Do yourself a favour and buy it.

Also thanks to the boys at Syrp for creating an amazing piece of timelapse gear: syrp.co.nz - again, this little device will unlock so many possibilities

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COPYWRITE: © brettearl.com

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