In the B2B lead generation video series, this is the 50th video.

If you want your B2B lead generation system to give you the results you want, then it is important to understand the buying cycle for your marketplace, and also for each potential client. And it is equally important to know what materials are vital in each of these buying phases.

There are five phases in the B2B buying cycle. You must understand each phase, and what happens in each phase for the buyer.

By stepping your buyer through each phase, with the right marketing materials and products, you will stand out amongst your competitors, as a company that understands your prospects issues, and how to solve them.

Watch the video to see how to step your B2B prospects through each phase, with the right marketing materials.

To become excellent at B2B lead generation, there are many questions you need to answer about your business, and how you will develop those leads. I have set up 101 questions to help you and your company become excellent at B2B lead generation. Watch daily for a new video.

All of these questions and answers, in this video series, will help you in your B2B lead generation and overall B2B marketing processes. As we go through each video, you will better understand how marketing has become even more important than sales.

Obviously selling your products and services is the ultimate goal. However, if you do not have an online B2B marketing strategy, along with a strong social media strategy, then the sales, of your products and services, will be few and far between.

This has happened because of the Internet and how people find you first in their search. So an Internet B2B marketing strategy is imperative to your company’s sales success.

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