A short film by Modern Mythology, created for the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center.

Clarity. Confidence. Courage. These three ideals embody the tradition of Shaolin kung fu and the spirit of the Shaolin Kung Fu Training Center (SKFTC) in New York City.

In 2012, the school began a project to capture and demonstrate the essence of these principles. To accomplish this, we felt compelled to escape the busy confines of New York City and film in local state parks. We begin with Confidence, the state of trust in oneself and one's ability -- the ultimate manifestation of skill. Firmness. Assuredness. Hard work. Belief in one's practice and ability is an essential trait for executing kung fu movements, controlling weapons and moving through life. Confidence.

All performances by teachers and students of the SKFTC.
For more information visit shaolinkungfutrainingcenter.com/
109 West 27th Street
NYC 10001

Directed by Joe Pickard
Production Support by VigilanteHD.com

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