This is my showreel as of April 2013

00.03-00.30- “Wrath of the Titans”, Junior Technical Animator, MPC
I ran both cloth simulation and fur dynamics simulation
00.31-01.15- Major Project “Roll Out”
Created in Maya, my major project at Bournemouth University, I undertook all the tasks with my main focus on the modeling and rigging. The challenge I set myself was to create a believable transformation sequence. The rig features a car rig, transformation rig and a quadruped rig. Original Design Sangho Kim
01.16-01.32- Innovations Automatic Facial Rigging Tool
Created Using Python, my innovations project at Bournemouth University, I chose to create an automatic facial rigging tool. The script has to parts, full set up and a modular setup, creating joint based rigs for each part of the face. In addition, poses can be saved out as blend shapes. Modeled by Ellie bond
01.33-01.40-Masterclass, MPC Shattering
Created using Houdini, my masterclass project at Bournemouth University. The task was to research and create a shattering effect based on the impacts of the supplied animation and models.

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