A short drama about the strange and life changing relationship between two enigmatic twelve year olds, Sam & Isobel, in the woodlands surrounding a caravan park.

The ever-mysterious Isobel, who leaves a trail of breadcrumbs for the two children’s inevitable meeting, intently follows Sam, curious and alone in the almost infinite woodland. After they both enter each others lives, they explore together, feeding each others adventurous and childlike sides. Soon, however, Sam soon learns that Isobel is not as innocuous as she seems, and through a series of bizarre and life-changing events, Sam will understand loss and the notion of letting go of childlike naivety.

Film is currently in the film festival circuit and will be released publicly soon.

Directed by Brendan Moles
Written by Brendan Moles & Taylor Geall
Produced by Llaima Cárdenas


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