Asian Wedding Outdoor Cinematography at the Beautiful Tatton Park, By Using our Latest High Quality HD DSLR Cameras Canon 5D Mark iii, With the Canon lens 70-200mm USM ii Lens, we gave this promo the cinematic designer look you need to remember your precious day,

This video has been done without the use of any other equipment's but only using different techniques and skills. Our model is the stunning and the beautiful Kacey Kaur,

We also provide a Directory Service in media to give you an easier faster and a reliable approach to make your wedding a truly enjoyable precious moment that you can enjoy rather then worry, We also specialise in services to suit your need such as either needing a Female Photographer/Videographer or whether its a segregated event,

Contact us on the following for a quote or an Enquiry:

Mobile: 07801937651

Thank You

Madiha Tamoor

CEO & Cinematographer

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