DePaul University Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)
ASK Networking Breakfast: Lifelong Learning
Tuesday, March 13, 2013 - Chicago, Illinois

Who drives your career? Career development research has revealed many years ago that the traditional career progression driven by our employer is long gone and has been replaced by the more dynamic Protean career, a career created, managed, and driven by the person not by the organization. As career development expert Douglas Hall describes, “the new career contract is not a pact with the organization; it is an agreement with one’s self and one’s work.”

Critical to the success of a modern career is one’s own drive for continuous learning and development. But what does lifelong learning look like?

At the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) March 19, 2013 Networking Breakfast, ASK mentors Michelle Dash and Colleen Fashing shared their insights on taking charge of your professional development. Watch below as our speakers share their insights on this important topic.

Part 1 - Welcome and Introduction to Colleen Fashing
Part 2 - Colleen Fashing - Life After Graduation
Part 3 - Building Public Speaking & Social Media Skills
Part 4 - Branding Yourself as an Industry Expert
Part 5 - Introduction to Michelle Dash
Part 6 - Michelle Dash - Life After Graduation
Part 7 - Resources to Learn New Skills
Part 8 - Learning from Others
Part 9 - Q&A

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