-The Story-

As soon as we met Hayley and Luke they started telling us about a sticky spoon. Needless to say, we were confused. As it turns out their whole relationship started because of this mysterious object. See, Hayley was working at a restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado when Luke and his parents spontaneously walked in late at night. Luke immediately saw Hayley and thought she was super cute. Luke’s dad noticed and decided to lure Hayley over by complaining about his sticky spoon. The rest was History.

When we sought out to create their film, we knew we had to integrate this story into it somehow. We decided to interview both Hayley and Luke separately asking them to tell us the story about how they met. We were shocked that they both said the exact same things. When we edited them together it resulted in a pretty comical rendition of the good ol sticky spoon story that perfectly mirrors their quirky and fun personalities.

Another thing we learned is that Hayley and Luke had been dating for a long time. They had been through numerous struggles and trials before they were able to tie the knot and we really wanted to communicate this through the film. Thats why we decided to choose a song that builds up slowly and has a big ending. By doing this, the audience feels the anticipation and excitement Luke and Hayley have been feeling during their whole relationship.

One other thing we really wanted to bring out is Hayley and Luke’s strong ties to family. They 100% knew that without their family they wouldn’t be where they are today. Thats why we thought it was so important to film Hayley reading her hand written note to her mom. Besides it being the most precious thing we’ve ever seen, it played a vital role in communicating what family means to Hayley and Luke.

Finally, we wanted to show how Hayley and Luke’s relationship with Jesus Christ had impacted their lives. We Discovered that it was because of this relationship that they were able to weather the storms that came their way. The sticky spoon started their relationship but Jesus carried them to the alter. We showed this by choosing specific audio snippets from the Pastor that highlighted the strong foundation both Hayley and Luke have in Jesus.

Hayley and Luke’s story seriously reads like something out of a famous novel. It was an absolute joy making it into a movie. We couldn’t be happier that we are able to give them something that they will look back on forever, and show their children and grandchildren.

[vimeo width="1000" height="563"]vimeo.com/63215632[/vimeo]

-Vendor Love -

Big shout out to Hayley and Luke's AWESOME photographer duo Marianne and Joe ( mariannewilsonphotography.com/). They and their photos are rad!


The music in the film was licensed through The Music Bed.

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