A dream flight . . .

That's how I remember it.

These scenes streamed by, then were lost behind me. I dared not look back or I would miss the next one, and I needed to stay in position, behind Paul, but slightly above his prop wash. There would be no messing around with my camera, I would just fly.

Thankfully, I captured it on the video so I can put myself back in the cockpit and fly it again. You have to watch this one FULL SCREEN.

0:58 I saw a pair of horses slowly wading across the river.

1:30 Flying in the shadows.

2:45 A small herd of wild horses on the banks of the river.

4:26 Time to gain some altitude over this shallow section of the Rio Grande Gorge.

6:29 The horses about a 1/2 mile to right are on a morning run.

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