How do you get to heaven?

PK taught us the difference between “BEHOLD” and “BE GOOD.”

Pay attention, look, see something unexpected! (the bridge)

(Luke 15)

A: Our salvation - Getting to heaven rests on BEHOLD (God forgives & gives a new heart) not BE GOOD!

Q: What are you relying on to “Get to Heaven”?

Although hard work may be the way to get ahead here on earth, we can never be good enough to get ahead eternally. We need to BEHOLD what God has done. His forgiveness is free. You don’t work for it and you will never earn it. However, this offer must be redeemed or nothing comes from it. He has handed it to us all, but unfortunately, many will never redeem it. There is a bridge to cross, an action that must be taken—confess, believe and receive. There is no bridge of “BE GOOD.” Jesus is our bridge. He is the only way we will ever receive a new heart and get to heaven. Redeem your free gift and trash your “BE GOOD” list.

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