Publix: "Soccer"
Role: Producer
Studio: Nathan Love

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Client: Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Agency: 22squared
Producer: Karen Burke
Associate Producer: Kori Skaltsas
Creative Director: Dennis Wolfe
Associate Creative Director: Eric Burke
Senior Copywriter: Mindy Adams
Client Leadership: Lynda Marsh

Production Company: Nathan Love
Executive Producer: James Braddock
Head of Production: Derrick Huang
Producer: Dennis Samatulski
Creative Directors: Joe Burrascano and Anca Risca
Director: Joe Burrascano
Project Lead: Natasha Saenko
Concept Art and Design Leads: Sigmund Lambrento, Jim McKenzie
Additional Design: Jon Upton
Storyboards: Matt Haber
Character Modeling: Danica Parry
Additional Character Modeling: Pedro Conti
Lead Technical Director: Lukas Wadya
Animation Leads: Tony Travieso and Doug Litos
Animators: David Lee and MinSeok Jeon
Environment Modeling and Layout: Eric Xu, Danica Parry, Sari Rodrig, Danielle Charles
Additional Modeling and Texturing: Ken Lee, Jon Upton
Lighting and Rendering Lead: Natasha Saenko
Additional Lighting and Rendering: Eric Xu, Sari Rodrig
Particle FX: Andy Guttormsson
Compositing Lead: Sohee Sohn
2D Animation: Will Pittas, Jim McKenzie
Music and Sound Design: Drew Skinner Sound

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