Simple flow of visuals of Smilin' Dave, owner of Federal Hill Tattoo, and a fantastic artist in the art of tattoo. This is a Pure Visual Meditative Instrumental Piece. A meditative process for me to go into environments such as this and work on the art of cinematography and exercise the craft. As it is a Meditative process for Dave to work in his art form. So, simply put, this is a meditative piece, that will sit aside a story piece later on.

Shot with anamorphic scopes, and nothing but scopes! Always looking for that anamorphic grittiness!

Some Anamorphic Light Mattes are used to overlay a slight flare. I grabbed some from my Lightworx Collection which can be found here:

Shot, Chopped & Colored By Eric Latek
Epic Red
Anamorphic Lenses: 35mm, 50mm, 80mm 18mm (Tokina Non-Anamorphic)
Diopters used

"A False Sense" Music By: Mauro Colangelo

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