Christine's Capricornesque Birthday Celebration featuring Christine Leakey accompanied by David Celia and Gabriel Pinto and the lovely pixies, Pam, Tanis, Laura, Trish, Bronwyn, Lori from the Hamilton Aerial Group! Jumple were the headliners.

January 11, 2013
at the beautiful Baltimore House
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!

Thank you to Higgin's Brothers for graciously giving me some fun Cirque Du Soleil presents to give as party favours!

And this time for my candy tray provision tradition, I gave out swirly and happy loli's and stix, cLove gum, Sonata Amor Brazilian chocolate truffle wafers and much more! :P

Thank you to Dan Zen for filming the show and having fun capturing it so creatively!

And lastly, thank you to those who came out to support the show, for making it fun, and for giving me that comfort and space to just be me, songs revisited with rusty flaws and all! ;) I save perfection for the studio... Life is busy and we just have to go with the flow and have fun with it!

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