The Southern Pines Town Council held their April agenda meeting in the Community Room of the Southern Pines Police Department on Pennsylvania Avenue beginning at 7:00 P.M. Four of the five Council Members attended, along with Town Manager, Reagan Parsons.

The meeting was relatively brief. A discussion of the transfer of sanitation services from Waste Management to Waste International may be of interest to many residents.

Otherwise, the meeting was rather straightforward and perfunctory. No further bribes of crony companies to locate in Southern Pines were discussed tonight, thank goodness. However, a resolution was passed to complain to the NC State Legislature and Governor about the proposed elimination of a parks slush fund that might (but never has) provide "free money" to Southern Pines for parks improvements..... I really hate this mindset of dependency and entitlement regarding state and federal grants by our local governments. Let's accept responsibility for our own "wants and needs"! If we want to improve a town asset, let's either talk about town taxes or -- better yet -- let's do some local fundraising! Let's stop sucking at the teats of state and federal bureaucracies! Please!

The meeting packet may be found at:

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