"There just aren't enough hours in the day" ... "If only there were two of me" ... Have you ever stopped to think how many people would it actually take to live your life? In the case of one of Coach Mary Beth King's clients, the answer was three - THREE people to do all that there was to be done. Can you relate?

You can't do it all, so how do you create a life that works? In her LEXI 7-on-7 talk, Mary Beth shared her work with a corporate manager faced with too much on her work/life “plate.” She discussed how to experience the freedom of living without overwhelm, how to move beyond life’s “should’s” to create a life that actually works, and some practical tools to help you pair down your own overflowing “plate.”

Mary Beth King, founder of Sphere Coaching, challenges her clients – whether corporate or individual - to quit calling their vision of success "wishful thinking" and start doing what it takes to bring it to reality. They find support to recognize their possibilities, to never feel stuck, and to move toward their vision. Her supportive humor, intuitive guidance, and flexibility take the process of change from impossible to fun, from failure to success.

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