In this episode, we recap some of the highlights and challenges the Unreasonable at Sea has faced so far in its journey around the world. From battling rocky seas to overcoming connectivity issues with their teams back home, the voyage has been anything but a "pleasure cruise".

But while the founders have faced many challenges on the ship developing their ventures in this extraordinary environment, they're have been some unexpected results as well. The diverse student community on board the ship has not only received first hand experience in building a business, they've the also given the founders fresh insight and extra help with their ventures.

Unlike any previous Unreasonable accelerator program, Unreasonable at Sea decided to take a 6% equity in the companies it's brought on the ship as compensation for running the program. However, the founders did not have to agree upfront, and instead had to choose whether to stay and pay at the halfway "jump off" point in Myanmar.

With a long way to go and still many more obstacles and opportunities in their path, the founders are faced with a serious question: Is it worth it to stay for the remainder of the voyage?

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