This video was a long time in the making!

*Watch the video first and then come back for my story behind this Love Story!*

It all started when my friend/co-worker Breanna started talking to me about her many lofty expectations for the inevitable proposal from her long-time boyfriend, Caleb. As you'll learn in the video, the conditions had to be perfect. No pressure, dude!

Luckily for him, he found a rather convenient loophole. All that he had left to do was sneakily attempt to contact me and coordinate on filming his (surprise?) proposal.

I especially enjoyed/dreaded those brief few months in between when I knew the whole plan and I'd show up to work and have to listen to Breanna talk about how she thought it was going to happen on this-and-that day or maybe at so-and-so's place. I knew going into it that I'd definitely have a hard time keeping a straight face so I chose the simple default of an uninterested eye-roll, something I had become accustom to after listening to her talk about weddings every day for hours on end. Ok, I'll admit it... I'm a sucker for weddings too!

Once the day finally came, I waited nervously outside of the gate to the backyard, freaking out every time someone exited the house. You might've noticed the especially shaky footage entering the backyard. I just knew as soon as she saw me it would all be over so I rushed in, gear in hand, trying not to trip over the trash cans. Cue proposal!

One of my favorite behind-the-scenes moments was when she kept pointing me, currently behind the camera, and saying "I knew it! I knew it!" Nothing gets past a planner, especially Breanna! Not even five minutes after he popped the question, she had already pieced together all the ins-and-outs of how the surprise all came together. She recalled him adding me as a friend on Facebook and deduced it was to message me about negotiating the filming process.

After the proposal, Breanna finally had her green light for planning and we made a created a video Save the Date.
[link:] Hmm, those mugs look familiar...

From there, we filmed the love story in the dreary month of January but managed to spruce it up with some hot coffee and plenty of games.

The love story was completed, once and for all, after more than half a year since the initial proposal!

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