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Juliette Crane is an artist, teacher, storyteller and adventurer who inspires thousands around the world to get creative and live their dreams. When she's not teaching, travelling, and painting in gardens around the world, she lives with her bluegrass-singing husband in Madison, Wisconsin.

She is the creator of a series of online art and inspiration courses from her popular How To Paint An Owl for bird and whimsy-lovers, to the mixed media workshops How To Paint A Girl and How To Create Whimsical Animals for those looking to strengthen their authentic voice and get over their fear of not knowing what to create. Having fun, learning to let go, and not being afraid to cover up her paintings have become essential to her creative process. She experiments with many materials in her artwork-acrylics, spray paint, pastels, oils, watercolors, origami paper, glitter, vintage sheet music and wallpaper.

Her work has been published in Glamour Magazine UK, Somerset Studio, Somerset Studio Gallery, and Artful Blogging and on blogs including Crescendoh, My Owl Barn and Do What You Love just to name a few.
Juliette shares her whimsical paintings and experiences as an artist to inspire and encourage others to share their unique gifts with the world.

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