I'm Denver Lane Founder and president of Woyster Media.
This is Social Media Marketing Essentials for the Small Business Video 10 - Video Dominance Part 3.
By now you should be almost ready to start planning your first marketing video.
-analyzed the words and phrases people use when searching for the subject of your future masterpiece and come up with a list of 10 magic keywords that will get your video found by buyers.
-identified the best, and second best of these words and used them in the title of your video and once you've uploaded your video, you know to use these two keywords in the body of it's description a couple of times. So on to the planning phase.
There are about as many ways to plan your video, so I can only go off of my personal experience and what has worked for me.
Thought there are many types and genres of video, we're going to focus on product videos and instructional videos. Unless your business is in the entertainment industry, these two types seem to be most effective for marketing purposes.
You want your video to be as natural sounding as possible but for SEO, and social marketing purposes you also want to work you primary and secondary keywords in as well. I've found that actually typing out a script, though I rarely follow it to the letter, helps me to stay on track, use the keywords the appropriate number of times, and actually sound more natural because I'm much more comfortable.
Also, when scripting a video it always helps me to actually "talk it out" out first. I pace around my office actually talking to my imaginary audience as if I'm talking to a client, then jump on the keyboard and bang out each phrase exactly as I've spoken it allowed. If you have spectators, or other office workers, I warn you they'll think you're a little nuts at this point but the finished product will make it well worthwhile.
Since Youtube's search algorithm takes into account how much of your video is actually viewed by it's watchers, you want to make it engaging. You don't have to create a cinematic masterpiece mind you. If you've chosen your keywords well your audience should already be interested in your subject. You DO, however want to keep from boring them into skipping the end, or even the bulk of your video.
Here are a few tips to help you keep their attention:
1. Keep it short. Always try to stay under three or four minutes if your viewers are bored but need the information, they are much more likely to dedicate 4 minutes than fifteen.
2. Throw in a little humor. A little chuckle from time to won't take them off track of your subject but will keep them more awake and attentive.
3. Don't forget, video's visual. Even if the subject is dry, keeping your viewer's visual cortex stimulated will hold the boredom at bay for a while.
Stay away from the "talking head" videos. Though there are Youtube personalities that mange to speak directly into a webcam and hold their viewers' attention for eight to ten minutes, most of us just don't have the skills to pull this off. If you have to have this type of video, get a green screen and keep the viewers attention by changing the background, show images that support your script or doing something over the top like showing footage of Godzilla gnawing away at the top of your head.
You can also keep away from the "talking head" and Keep your instructional videos fresh by adding clipart, animation, and pictures. There are tons of sites that offer these resources for free or at low cost.
Don't forget there are millions of public domain pictures and video you can work in that don't cost a thing.
Always watch you licensing!
4. For product videos it's the same concept. Instead of showcasing your product on a blank background while you talk about features and benefits for 4 minutes, show you product in action, and don't be afraid to think out of the box. Some of the best product videos on the web showcase the products in the most extreme or even outlandish circumstances.
For video marketing purposes it's important to produce MANY videos. If you find all these steps a little daunting, DELIGATE!
I've a talented assistant that handles the visual element of our videos. I run a company, don't have the time to search for pictures and animations. So, I write the script, record the audio and pass the rest of the work of to my assistant and go about my day. A few hours later I have a finished video and she does a great job! Find or hire someone to do the time consuming parts for you.
More on video creation in future videos.
For now, I'm Denver Lane with Woyster Media. Like this video, subscribe to our channel, we'd love to hear from you.
The World is your oyster.

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