Today is my 10th wedding anniversary!
I'm very happy but the other hand is worried...because of piled in a bowl like a mountain..
Title : LG Dish Washer viral film " I love true steam"
Date : 21 December 2012
Client : LG electronics
Agency : HSAD, Gorilla Film
Running time : 00:02:02

Supervisor : Byun Youngshik
Creative Director : Chae Sangook
Character Design : Chae Sangook, Shin Heesik
3D modeling :  Chae Sangook, Shin Heesik, Jo hyunkyu
3D Mapping Design : Shin Heesik
3D Animation : Chae sangook, Shin Heesik, Jin Junggon, Jo hyunkyu
2D Animation : Kim Kitae, Jo hyunkyu
VFX :  Chae Sangook, Kim Kitae
Production : Gorilla Film Han Dongwook

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