Hello.Here is a new 3D logo opening from me which i really hope you will like it.It have that cinematic feeling many 3D strokes and bum effect in the end and of course,preendered version!

There are two versions.The one is a prerendered,for which you dont need any extra plugins for it,just these that comes with After Effects!

The other project includes few extra plugins like: OpticalFlares,Trapcode 3D Stroke and Particular.But don not worry cuz they are prerendered,so,if you don’t have these extra plug-ins you are free to use the prerendered verson and also your render time will be much faster!

*Video Tutorial *1920×1080px Full HD + separate final comp 1280×720px *Two Versions:Prerendered and with the extra original plug-ins *18 seconds long

The amazing music from takingaction you can purchase here:

Link to the free font used in the link in the end!

Thank you very much my friends!

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