Cars are cool. So are smartphones. So what happens when our on-the-go lifestyle literally collides with the ways we do all of that “on-the going”?

Distracted driving is a very real danger, but at Audible, a majority of our users listen to audiobooks behind the wheel.

How do you create a great experience when you have to balance a user’s desire for a “killer app” with one that will not get them killed?

At Audible, we took on the task of optimizing our highly-rated listening experience for playback behind the wheel. We quickly figured out that it wasn’t going to be that easy.

I will present an overview of a year-long engagement on the Audible car project, including contextual research insights on how users engage with their devices in the car, and the surprising ways those insights expressed themselves in a radically redesigned application.

I will include the cognitive science that influenced our design decisions including why multi-tasking is so dangerous, and why choosing images over text is better for "quick glance" interfaces.

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