Editors' Lounge presents the 10th Annual Pre-NAB Discussion Panel with Debra Kaufman and featuring Terence Curren, Michael Kammes, Dan Lebental and Mark Raudonis discussing the current state of editing and post-production, looking at what to expect for this year's NAB and peering ahead to trends for 2013 and beyond. The event was held on Friday March 22 at Key Code Media in Burbank.

Once the video is loaded, you can jump to the subjects below:

01:02 Introductions
03:32 Trends: Thumbs up, thumbs down
04:39 Does 3D have a future?
05:35 3D: Theatrical vs Broadcast
07:03 3D: Production vs Conversion
10:16 4K Television
11:38 Deferring framing and focus decisions for post
15:43 What does reality TV gain from 4K?
17:26 High Frame Rate
22:00 HFR: Is the payoff worth the cost?
27:20 HPA study on viewing habits

Continued in PART 2. The Editors' Lounge is a production of AlphaDogs, Burbank, CA.

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