Five-minute excerpt of "Wake: A Folk Opera" produced by the Whiskey Rebellion at the Berger Park Cultural Center in October 2012.

About "Wake: A Folk Opera"

Joel is thirty years old but not quite grown up. Risa is playing 'house' in an empty home.
Joel drops by his childhood home to visit his mother, but is devastated to learn that his mother has recently passed away and that he has missed the funeral proceedings. He is also shocked to fnd an autistic woman—Risa—living there, repaying the kindness of the “Lady in Blue” by looking after the deceased's houseplants.
These two strangers struggle to communicate: seeking companionship, comfort, and closure. As they navigate through the night, they encounter wounds old and fresh, and learn to coexist in a space that both and neither can call home.

Created by Jessica Wright Buha (Words), Jenn Romero (Music), and Aileen McGroddy (Director)

With: Emmy Bean as Risa, Aaron Lawson as Joel, and Jenn Romero & John Szymanski as The House

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