Michał Rutkowski
e-mail: contact@mrutkowski.org
tel. no. 07864 036876

Updated: June 2015


01. 'Four seasons’, look development exercise in Houdini. Created realistic procedural snow, moss and rock assets and used them to demonstrate the four seasons. Both effects can be applied to any geometry, and the distribution can be adjusted used several sliders. Shading and lighting in mantra, Houdini. For longer breakdown, please see artstation.com/artwork/seasons-project. Created in 01-02/2015

02. ‘man_02’, 90-seconds short film currently in development. Environment TD, Texturing Lead, CG Supervisor. Creating procedural materials in Substance Designer and using them to shade a wet, night-time city. This allows for creating multiple variations of the same material with very little effort. The materials are tested under different lighting conditions to ensure re-usability. Shading and lighting in V-Ray. On-going project 10/2014 - current.

03. 'BSO Kokoro - Minimalist Movement' one minute film commissioned by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra screened during a live classical music concert. Hair and cloth simulation in Maya. Shading, lighting in V-Ray. Created in two weeks in 04/2015.

04. 'Blondeherland' – 30s animation created during this year's BFX Competition (bfxfestival.com/competition/winners-2013/) in a group of six students over six weeks. Shading, lighting and rendering in mental ray. Project management. This animation was awarded the following prizes: Best Lighting, Best Digital Environment, Best Compositing, Best Pipeline & Workflow. Maya/mental ray. Created in 07/13 - 08/13.

05. ‘Prima Luce’ – 60s animation produced in a group of five students. I was the main TD, did all shading, lighting and rendering. Maya/mental ray. Course work. Created in 11/12 - 02/13.

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