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Nairobi is one of the shiniest metropolises of Africa. Off the beaten tourist tracks, we have discovered and documented true historians, not privileged but hard working people, giving us intimate views of Africa:

Pictures for Eternity!
Street photographers in Kenya

Nairobi's street photographers have been roaming the parks and public spaces of the city since the late 1970s. They are Open Air photographers with analog cameras as old as forty or fifty years. The mobile photographers are the ones who nag and charm us into posing for them and then sell us the resulting image for us to take home and keep.

Kenyans, or in general African people, love to have their photographs taken, especially in public places where everyone can see them posing and looking good. The pictures are for eternity, freezing a glorious moment of beauty or a special event on celluloid for the present and following generations.

Our protagonist is the street photographer Samson. Samson gets involved with the personal stories of his clients - he connects and gets them to talk. Through Samson, we discover Kenya from the inside; we film an intimate portrait of the people. His archive of negatives is a time capsule of Kenyan history: people have posed in front of his old and battered Canon camera for more than 30 years.

We filmed Samson doing his work in Nairobi's City park , we accompanied him into the worst slum of Kenya - Dandora, and we went with him to his family farm in Rift Valley. We meet Samson as a family man and photographer. The documentary is a portrait of a self-made man who is nothing less than one of the record keepers of Kenyan society.

We are in preparation for a series on "Street photographers" and are looking for funding. We are planning to follow street photographers in different parts of the world: China, India, USA, Peru, Myanmar, Russia. Public photographers are still everywhere, offering their service of picture taking and leaving images and memories in millions of homes around the world.

In each country, they have developed their own style. The way people want to be portrayed depends very much on their culture. The street photographers are our key into foreign cultures and customs.

Intl. Trailer available online and on DVD

Author/Director: Silke Gondolf
Camera: Ralf Grabowski
Editing: Björn Vollbrecht
Broadcast Date: June 13th 2013 6.15pm on arte

Produced 2013 for ZDF/arte wunderwelten
Full HD, Stereo, PAL, HDCAM Master 43 - 52 min Original Language: English, Kikuyu, Swahili, Luo

All rights available on request - except German speaking parts of Europe and France

© element6media UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Strelitzer Str 19, 10119 Berlin - Germany
gondolf@element6media.de +491722574785 skype: sgondolf

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