This piece came about in 2002. I had recently collaborated with the good folks at MK12 ( ) on a couple other projects by that time and they had been asked to create a video for Diesel clothing company, which would include random facts about Diesel customers - as acquired from a series of customer surveys.

The video would run in-store on the monitors of Diesel retail shops as well as interactive kiosks at industry events and promotional engagements.

I remember it being especially tricky at that time because the text necessitated the timing for a lot of the transitions & editing. The piece was time-locked by the time I received the first edit, but the timing was entirely based on transition times to allow viewers to read the on-screen text.

As a result, it became this cool process of looking for correlation between the audio/video and finding ways to accentuate/unify the two. Things like the watch 'ticking' or 'glitches' generally started as happy accidents that were then polished and accented to sync more accurately with picture. . .fun stuff!

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