Force Per Unit is an abstract examination of the geographic movement of capital as a result of gentrification. What is the physical essence of this movement? Does it have a particular pace? Is it an exhausting, grinding push and pull of opposing economic positions or is it a delicate flow, perhaps even elegant?

In nature the movement of high pressure (cold air) to low pressure (warm air) is called diffusion. These two forces are always in motion with high pressure constantly chasing low pressure in the search of atmospheric equilibrium. The beauty of this exercise is its futility; there is never capture and never surrender. The two sides chose instead to play out their flirtatiously antagonistic game indefinitely. The movement of capital echoes the movement of air.

Like wind patterns, capital it is always seeking out a path of least resistance. Where there is an overabundance there is pressure; as a release capital will instinctively look for areas of lower pressure to occupy. That is until the amount of capital grows to a pressurized tipping point and the dynamic chase continues.

This piece illustrates the dualities present in the discussion of gentrification. The grid is representative of the physical real estate and structure of the community. It also references a more matter-of-fact, removed perspective on the issue, perhaps that of profitable businesses buying up property. Its rigid construct is in direct opposition to the seductive color fields, sometimes wrestling, sometimes delicately mingling in the wind. This element speaks to the highly charged, emotional aspect of gentrification while alluding to the transient and cyclical nature of the process.

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