Winner – Most Inspiring Story, 2012 (

Jordan Williamson is a ten year old boy who dreams of becoming a professional conservationist and palaeontologist. This is his argument – an ecosystem can house 8.7million species and counting. Modern day science proves ecosystems on earth never manage to sustain themselves passed 10 million years. The Earth has been here for 6.54 billion years, that's over 6000 sets of ecosystems with a total potential for 54 billion species... where are they?

Jordan believes we are caught in a vicious cycle of ecosystems that vanish through pollution, over population, and resource annihilation. He calls this a Continuity Error, and he's looking for a way to change it.

The film was made by James Pryor (Whangarei), and took home the major prize winning "Most Inspiring Story" in the 2012 Inspiring Stories Film Competition –

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