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Nan Kuang Garments produces clothes for Nygard and Reebok amongst others. On 4th August 2011 500 workers at the factory went on strike in protest of the company's ill-treatment of its employees
The factory employs under-aged girls, a claim substantiated by the admission of a 15 year old worker we met outside the factory.
They illegally take these girls on in exchange for cheaper labour costs. The grateful teenagers forego their transport allowance, work long hours of overtime and accept a pitiful wage.
The factory reportedly forces workers to do overtime, typically demanding between ten and twelve hours a day, six days a week
The factory does not provide any paid sick leave. They demand that sick workers continue to come to work. This obviously hinders the recovery of the afflicted worker and encourages the spread of disease
The factory reportedly discriminates against pregnant workers. It recently dismissed two women for becoming pregnant to avoid paying for their maternity leave. These women now have no source of income with which to support themselves through pregnancy and provide for their children.
This grave injustice represents more than a breach in labour law: it is a gross violation of the human rights of both the mothers and the unborn children

To see the full film about abuses in the clothing trade please watch the full film: The Apparel Truth

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