Video on March 30, 2013

Bodyweight: 80 kg (176 lb.)
Resistance: 20 kg (44 lb.) kettle bell
% of bodyweight used as added resistance: 25%

This is an advanced progression in power, speed and acceleration development and mental training. Once a solid base of training has been established, training for explosive capability (power, speed and acceleration development) is the next progression. For basic description and training parameters for this movement see [ ] before continuing. Do not attempt this training until you have completed a preparatory phase of at least 3 months using added resistance in a 8 to 12 repetition range and you feel very comfortable performing the basic movement including ingress and egress from the glute-ham bench and safely positioning the kettle bell. The risk of a strain to the abdominal wall or lumbar spinal hyperextension is high if you do not have proper preparation.

Mental training

1. The movement: From a fully arrested position at the bottom of the movement, perform the concentric with maximal acceleration while exhaling powerfully. Perform a controlled eccentric at normal speed. Execute 4 to 6 repetitions.

2. Visualization: This movement is all about producing maximal acceleration from a dead stop at the bottom position. Picture the kettle bell crashing through legs; hold nothing back.

Load selection

Typically for power development the resistance should be 50 to 80% of 1-RM (relative maximum). In this movement because a significant percentage of your body weight is integral to the load, selecting a proper load is not easy. You should be able to accelerate the external load but at the same time experience a resistance to movement. The video shows a load that appears to be correct but at the middle to higher end of the range. If fatigue is a factor, the load is too great. There should be very little if any loss of acceleration and power between the first and last repetitions.

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