ILAY Vacuum Logo [Adobe After Effect Project]

We are a leading manufacturing company in professional packaging machinery and food business based in Turkey since 1979. Besides the the domestic sales and after-sales-service, having a worldwide portfolio, we export our products in many countries.

By producing the innovation with the top quality materials and workmanship, in our product portfolio we have patent protected special machines for 10 - 15 kgs vacuum packs, 20 - 25 kgs vacuum packs, 40 - 50 kgs vacuum packs, 100 - 200 kgs vacuum packs, 300 - 400 kgs vacuum packs, and 500 - 1000 kgs vacuum packs,

The main products are:
Fully Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machines
Vertical Vacuum Packaging Machines
Horizontal Tray Sealing Machines
Dried Fruits
Gas Unit Vacuum Traypacking Machines
Conveyor System Pnömatic Vacuum Packaging Machines
Thermoform Packaging Machines
and many more....

You are most welcome to get more information about the machines at ilayvacuum.com

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