Ventura at Work, Milano Design Week 2013

// 9-14 April 2013
// Via Gaetano Crespi ang. Via del Canzi, zona Ventura Lambrate -
// Hironori Yoshida with Giacomo Cantoni and Pietro Pagliaro

ScanToProduction is an example of a continuous production process, which is able to analytically detect and acquire the peculiarity of a material (i.e. the wood grain) and adapt the fabrication methods or the intervention procedures, based on the physical properties and the heterogeneous nature of the material itself.
The material features are scanned, image-processed and translated into a seven-axis industrial
robot motion paths, all done in one shot process by an algorithm. The robot performs the work following the inputs generated by the program.

By grafting polyester resin, we obtain a hybrid.

The finished element is the result of a standardized production process which generetad a unique product following the natural inputs of the source material.

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ScanToProduction @ Ventura at Work, Milano Design Week / 9-14 April, 2013 by

Hironori Yoshida
Giacomo Cantoni
Pietro Pagliaro

Hua Hao, Mathias Bernhard, Jessica In, David Schildberger, Demetris Shammas, Achilleas Xydis, Akihiko Tanigaito, Nan Jiang, Alessandro Tellini, Daniel Bachmann, Alessandro Mason.

Music: Byetone - Topas
Filmed and edited by Demetris Shammas

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