SPRING VALLEY, CA -- A dozen ultra-rich protesters pulled up in their stretch limo and stole the show at a Town Hall Meeting hosted by Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-CA) in Spring Valley, California on Saturday, August 29, 2009.

The group, which reportedly consisted of individuals made incredibly rich on US health care industry profits, seemed to delight in engaging with other protesters in the Free Expression Zone. And the super-rich protesters were a hit from the moment they entered the meeting, as cheers and a steadily rising applause indicated strong support from many of the meeting's hundreds of attendees.

The well-off protesters waved signs and urged everyone to consider the importance of continuing to spend wastefully on health care. "We also wanted to thank all of the average folks who put our profits ahead of their own interests by opposing health care reform," said Bitsy Hart Faruthers, a member of the group. "Thank you. And please, for my sake, keep it up!"

Bitsy said her group opposes health care reform. Instead, the group encourages Congress and the public to continue putting a priority on protecting the interests of health care industry profiteers.

For more information on the Billionaire's heavily-funded campaign, visit BillionairesForWealthCare.com

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