UPDATE: Replaced the original with a slightly updated version of the short with some different cuts and a few other fixes that I didn't have enough time to change before the 48 hour deadline. Hope you enjoy.

Made for the 2013 Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge by team TWO GUYS, ONE CAMERA

Title: Fluidity
Line: "The brain is a much more plastic organ than scientists realized even a decade ago."
Prop: A piece of A4 paper - a character reads what is written on it, folds it up and puts it in a bag or pocket/
Theme: A machine that creates realistic face masks so people can cheaply change identity.

Director: Frank Soldato
Writers: Frank Soldato & Kyle Chase
Cast: Marianne Chase & Ryan Sherwin
Director of Photography: Kyle Chase
Editor: Frank Soldato
Music and Sound design: David Connolly
Hair, Make-up, Set Decoration: Emily Bridge
Production Assistant: Aaron Chan Jia Won
Special Thanks: Grant Sheridan, Fabio Guglielmelli and The Star of Bethnal Green

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