This is a video tutorial on using Word 2010's built-in styles for headings and body text.

Video Transcript:

OK this is a quick tutorial on using styles in word 2010. We’re just going to go through this mock document and use the heading styles and normal style to structure this document to look a little bit better. This will also have the benefit of making a document that if you have to go through and change how the headings or the body text looks, you’ll be able to update it very quickly without having to do every instance, it will just go through and change everything throughout the whole document for you.

So what we have here is a document that has several levels of headings. We have level 1 headings of Introduction, Main Topic and Conclusion. Then we have sub-headings under our Main Topic of Section 1, Section 2 and Section 3. And then some of those sections have sub-sub-headings which are Section 1A, Section 2A and 2B. So it just simulates a document with multiple levels of headings.

So what we are going to do is go through and, first of all, change the style for our heading, level one heading. All I’m going to do is just make the font size a little bit larger, make the text bold and then just give it an underline. And the other thing that I’m going to do is just go to line spacing options, and add 12 points which is basically the font size of the main text throughout the document so it will be a blank line basically, just after the heading so that it that it looks a little bit neater when it goes down to the next topic, or the next heading or the next paragraph. And what we do now is go up to heading one and update to match selection. And so if we go to Main Topic and make it a heading 1 and our Conclusion, and a heading 1, we’re starting to build the structure there.

Now heading 2 make slightly larger, but not as large as the level 1 heading. We’ll make it bold and we’ll just go to our line spacing options again, and again just add a line afterwards just so it doesn’t bump into the text and makes the text a little bit easier to read. Update our heading 2 selection to match that, and then go through to Section 2, Section 3. OK, and that’s our level 1, level 2 headings taken care of.

Now level 3, we’re keeping the font size the same as the rest of the text, we’ll make it bold and again just add that line after. Go to our heading 3 and update it to match that selection. We do that and do that, so now we’ve got our level 1’s, level 2’s and level 3’s all sorted out.

Now the body text is using the normal style and the only thing I want to do to that one is just go to the line spacing, and we’re going to add a gap between that, so that will add a gap between paragraphs in a section or a gap between the next heading. Then we’re just going to go to normal and update that and you can see what that’s done has gone through and every section that uses the normal style which is all our regular body text has updated with that line at the bottom just to give it that bit of spacing, which makes it look nice and neat.

And as I said at the beginning the main benefit to this is that, for any reason you need to change how your headings look, you can go through and do it very easily and update everything in one fell swoop. You just need to pick one of the headings and make whatever alterations that you need to. So I’m just going to give that a border, colour the back in and change the font to that. So that’s our new heading 1, and if we just right-click and update the heading 1 to match the selection, you can see it’s updated all our level 1’s.

If we select level 2 and make a change there. Update all of that, changes all the sections. And again, it’s changed all those, so you can see how easy it is to change the styles of all your headings throughout the entire document. This would be a big time saver if you had a 30 or 40 page document with lots and lots of headings in there and you had to change the styles. So that’s how we do it. So I hope you find this one useful and we’ll have some more tutorials in the near future for you. Cheers!

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