This 2nd video shows me & my family/cousins have a fun filmed time around San Francisco, CA. We were here for a photo shoot for my cousin Bemigrace. It's for her graduation pics. It was our cousinly bonding day here :)

First off, it shows us head westward…past Japantown and towards the Pacific while along Geary Blvd. Soon after, we saw the ocean! We arrived safely to the Sutro Bath Ruins…after heading westward along Geary Blvd. We walked down the trail and went straight to the ruins. We went walking through the small cave/tunnel and looked out the opening to the north end. We were taking some photo shoots here with my cousins and cousin Bemigrace. It was sunny and Karl wasn't around (the marine layer, or coastal fog) but quite windy. The waves and surf were quite large as well.

As soon as it was early sunset, we left the ruins and were on the way to Pier 39 to eat our dinner. My cousins were wanting clam chowder at this point haha. We saw the sunset over the Pacific while we were driving along Lincoln Blvd. Once we arrived safely to the pier, we walked towards where we ate dinner…called "Chowders". I got the fish n chips :P

After dinner, we kinda went our separate ways…buying free goodies..courtesy of cousin Bemigrace since we were at a great assistance during her photo shoot and for putting up with her much of the day haha. A few of us went to get ice cream at the Dreyer's. Once we all came together again, we played a bit of the bean boozled game to end the night with a bang. I got the baby wipes…yuck!

Then we left the pier and ended the day. While we were walking away from the pier, we saw random people throwing these light thingies up in the air. It was kinda cool….so cool for my cousin Jesse that he actually got one of his own! It was indeed a fun-filled day out around San Francisco with my cousins/family! Til then…safe travels!

[Footage and photos taken in and around San Francisco, CA on Saturday, March 23, 2013 with both my Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH camera and iPhone]

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