Part of the influential American minimalist music and Fluxus scenes in 1960-70s New York, Yoshi Wada was influenced by George Maciunas, La Monte Young and Pandit Pran Nath. This debut UK commission continues his pioneering practice of making musical instruments from plumbing pipes and electronics. The immersive sound installation is constructed from organ pipes, sheet metal, steel pipe, sirens, gong, alarm bells and a ship’s ventilator. Tuned to the architecture of the Great Hall, the work produces sustained, long drones reverberating through space.

“Yoshi Wada’s music is massive. When I first heard Wada in the early 1970s, he was playing massive wind instruments that he called “pipe horns”. Later I watched him singing with a friend in a massive echoing tunnel he had built. Then came the massive air compressors, blowing air through masses of pipes. All the time the music itself was also massive…It may be more accurate to think of Wada as a sculptor than as a composer, because his music seems to be a physical reality, like wood or stone, and also because of the way he treats this material. Wada works directly with the sound itself. He wants to maintain direct contact with the physical reality of sound.” (Tom Johnson)

Commissioned by AV Festival 12. World Premiere.

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