Ground handling filmed with Canon 5d mark2, 24-70mm L lens and DIY slider.

There exists more workflow information for Mac + FCP than for PC + Premiere. So here is the "PC-one" which works very well for me.

Hard and Software base
1. Dell T7400 Workstation, 12 GB RAM
2. Windows 7, 64bit
3. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
4. Cineform NeoScene

I do a rough preselection of the clips already in W7.

All other clips are converted into an AVI-container by Cineform Neo Scene.

This creates files with about 10times the size of the original BUT the clips will play very smooth in PP preview windows (PP is not able to handle native h.264 files correctly and especially not the ones from the 5d mark2). Neo Scene does some little color correction (from 4.2.0 to 4.2.2) and converts the 30fps of the 5d to 29.97.

The converting process goes IMHO very fast on my machine (I am not a coffee trinker so it has to be fast ;-) ). So it worth the little extra investment of time and money.

Importing the files into PP

I am using a custom preset:
Name: Desktop
Timebase: 29.97 fps
Square Pixels
No fields (progr. Scan)
30fps Drop-Frame-Timecode

44100 Hz
Audio Samples

Placing the clips into the timeline. No rendering necessary to play the clips fluently - even after applying effects (I lowered saturation to -22).

Exporting the sequence (Adobe Media Encoder). I recommend to not use the h.264 preset (which seems to be the prefered one) BUT use the QuickTime preset. I customized it as follows:
Video codec: H.264
Quality: 89
Width: 1920
Height: 1080
Frame Rate: 29.97
Field Type: Progressive
Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)
Render at Maximum Depth is active
Codec settings: 24bit
Set Key Frame Distance: 29
Optimize stills is active
Frame Reordering is active
Bitrate: 15.000

Audio Codec: AAC
Sample Rate 32000 Hz
(unfortunately the 44.100 is not available)

Hope this helps others out there fighting with PP and a 5d Mk2 workflow.

There seems to be a bug in Quicktime and therefore when exporting to Quicktime, H.264 the audio is out of sync !
My workaround:
- exporting the audio uncompressed
- re-encode the file with the free software SUPER to compress the audio

UPDATE 29.12.2009
I export now from Premiere Pro to the MP4-format which works finally fine for sync. Then I use Quicktime Pro to swap the index of the file from the end to the beginning so that the flash player will start to play after a few seconds and not wait until the whole file is downloaded.

UPDATE 29.01.2010
Take a look at screenshots of my export settings on flickr:

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