Title: JAVAWUG BOF 48 Celebrate! Five Years On! Open Mike Night!

Speakers: Peter Pilgrim, Peter Lawrey, Phil Zoio, Catagay Civici and Paul King

This is a video recording of a JAVAWUG BOF that took place on Tuesday 20th May 2009 in London. The recording is two parts.

The Java Web User Group (JAVAWUG) is five years old this month of May, 2009!
We had a fabulous celebration in a new location for this one-off event.
Once again, as did in BOF 43 Open Mike , we are turned the event over
to an "Open Mike" session.


Slot 1
Time: 18:40-19:00
Author: Peter Pilgrim
Subject: JavaFX BBC Sound Emulator

Peter wrote a demonstration of JavaFX calling a reversed engine JavaSound API sound generator. He originally lost the source code to the BBC Sound Engine Emulator, then used JAD to reverse disassemble source code from byte codes in a JAR file. Peter, then, changed the implementation to better support JavaFX. He, then, created a JavaFX User Interface to control, make sounds and play the sound waves.
Slot 2

Time: 19:05-19:25

Author: Peter Lawrey
Subject: Java Hack: A Self Compressing String

Abstract: It can be useful from time to time to be able to change the behaviour of key class. While this is not a good idea for production systems it can be useful to know how to do this to for diagnosing low level problems.
Slot 3

Time: 19:30 - 19:50

Author: Phil Zoio
Subject: Creating Complex Dynamics Reports using Jasper Reports

Creating complex dynamic reports using Jasper Reports - also been doing some work in this area which has proved useful

Slot 4
Time: 19:55-20:15
Author: Cagatay Civici
Subject: Rich Internet Applications with PrimeFaces

PrimeFaces is a JSF component suite that makes ajax powered rich internet applications easy to implement.

Slot 5
Time: 20:20-20:35
Author: Paul King
Subject: Groovy and Grails Update From GR8CONF


Thanks to EMC/Conchango for the venue, hosting and facilities.




Produced by Peter A. Pilgrim
Java Champion, Designer, Developer and Architect
Financial Services / IT , London, England


Founder and organiser of the JAVAWUG


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