This is the first video from multimedia project - kosmostumostow.pl

Music, concept -- L.U.C
Illustrations -- Grzegorz Przeybyś
Director -- L.U.C and Tomasz Dyrduła
Lyrics -- L.U.C & Trzeci Wymiar
Animation -- Box Postproduction
Matte and textures -- Maciej Haraf, Paweł Janczarek
3D lead -- Tomasz Dyrduła
3D -- Błażej Kowalski, Michał Gościniak, Jakub Wrzalik, Przemysław Słabiak, Michał Gadek, Mariusz Deńca.

Compositing: Michał Misiński, Michał "Mewa" Dwojak

Special BIG THANKS for clip patronage for Magda Okulowska and Michał Janicki from Wrocław EURO 2012 office!

L.U.C is known for his comprehensive and media imagination. For his latest project, L.U.C invite polish musicians, cartoonists, and computer animators. This collaboration's final effect was a spectacular video clip -- KOSMOSTUMOSTÓW, which is a fruit of artist imagination combined with his director's abilities. Artist insane visions was brought to paper by young and talented cartoonist -- Grzegorz Przybyś. L.U.C and Grzegorz also prepare a special comic/art book illustrating the record. Pictures from the comic book was brought to life in the video clip by BOX POSTPRODUCTION.

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