1050 degrees is the temperature that was used to anneal the pieces made by Josh Opdenaker, Kurt B. and Chad G during the 2012 Toronto Flame off. Its lower then what most glass artist would use because of the delicate structure of the base of the sculpture. Too much higher and the piece would slump in the kiln, too much lower and the solid sections of the piece have a higher risk of fracturing as they cool.

This delicate balance is what 1050 Toronto is all about. How big is too big? How far is too far? In the summer of 2012 nine lamp workers from the US where asked to participate in the first international flame off in Toronto Canada. This film follows the journey of a team of three as they travel from across the country to participate in this first time event. If they aim too high they will crash and burn with in the limited time of the contest, if they play it too safe they have no chance of victory. To this group of artists, its about showing the world what commitment and passion for their art it’s all about.

If you enjoyed it please tip. A lot of work went into this project.
Filmed and edited by Max Tubman.

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